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I personally don't beyond angels and demons but I know many people believe in ghosts and recently found a few people who believed in vampires. So do you believe in the existance of any supernatural creature? If so how are they different than how the media portrays them? Or are they the same? I'm just curious to know and I will respect your individual beliefs. 
You are floating in a vast emptiness. A void stripped of time itself. You float steadily forwards. Despite the swarm of questions and uncertainties you feel a certain sense of accomplishment knowing that, wherever your destination might be, you are making your way towards it. However, as the syrup-like atmosphere continues to drag on, you start to question if you are moving in circles. You then realize you’ve never been moving at all. The destination does not exist and you are left with only your cannibalistic mind to eat you alive. Having neither present nor future you can only focus on what has been. The demons you had thought to have escaped return to haunt you. These thoughts gnaw at you until there comes a point where it is the only part of you remaining. You’ve ceased to live and resigned to merely existing. All the remains of your being are constant replays of dusty memories. You might as well be dead.
So I know I haven't been making a lot of new stuff lately and I thought I'd give a shot at explaining how I've been feeling for a while thinking maybe it would help. 
1. Tell you what I've learned by peering at your DA page.
2. Tell you which of your deviations is my favorite. 
3. Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite. 
4. Give you a nickname.
5. Ask you a question you must answer.
6. Give you a random idea to draw/write about. 
7. Give you a llama in case I haven't already.
8. Draw you a quick stupid sketch/write a short stupid story of the theme of your choosing and dedicate it to you ovo (keep it pg 13) 
9. Ask if you want to do an art trade oHo
10. Ask you make this journal (you can change the numbers to your liking. 
Got this idea from :iconpicktreebrag: but changed some of the numbers 


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Hello stalker,
If you're reading this then I'm probably not. In which case you are gaining access to personal information that I didn't specifically allow you to see. Oh I bet you'd just love to know all about me wouldn't you? Like what my favorite color is, or my hobbies or where I go to have coffee on the weekend. But then again, a stalker like you probably already knows all these things and the fact that I hate coffee so it'd be illogical to purchase it by my own free will. Now scat before I call the police, you're trespassing on private information published on internet space. Creep.
That will be all,
thank you
(I'm actually a pretty friendly person so don't be shy to say hi ^^)
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